Our Favorite Vegan Red Lipstick

Posted by Aubrey Bugge on

Up until recently, I never thought I could ever be what I call, a “Red Lip Girl.” A woman who could really pull off those sexy, bright red lips to me, was powerful. There is a lot of ancient history associated with red lipstick and women; painting the lips red has long been associated with sex appeal, confidence, mystery, danger, and misbehavior. To me the kind of woman capable of pulling off that power color was capable of anything, from seduction to world dominance. Who is this she? And wait, why didn’t I feel like that kind of woman?


Well, I’m here to tell you it finally happened to me, and I love how I feel when I wear this perfect shade which is the fruit-pigmented Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick in the shade Nopal, by 100% Pure is by far, my favorite red lipstick that we have to offer at Be Pure. The color reminds me of the bright red “nopal” or cactus flowers native to Mexico. It’s interesting to think that the kind of woman who would wear this color might also be a little bit like a prickly pear cactus flower. Did Frida Kahlo wear Nopal red when she painted her self portraits? Now she is definitely a Red Lip Girl! 


This color looks absolutely beautiful on all skin colors and works with both cool and warm undertones. It’s not too pink, not too orange, not too dark, not too bright. The texture is perfect; it’s very smooth and soft and definitely not dry, even though it is a matte color. Pro tip: I recommend a lip liner, also available by 100% Pure, to add definition and depth. 


When I finally tried this color, my inner goddess (i.e. Lilith) came out and she was like, “Girl, where have you been?!” So whether you are into leading feminist revolutions, painting bad ass self-portraits, or just looking to spice up your look this holiday season, assert yourself with this Nopal color. So who is your inner Red Lip Girl? Try this lipstick and get to know her!


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