The Team

Meet the woman behind Be Pure. and our Divine skin care line Hidden Forest Naturals

April Kensington

Be Pure and Hidden Forest Founder April Kensington

Founder and Visionary

"Nature is the foundation of BE PURE. We are nature, and we humans need re-wilding to remember we are all a part of the ecosystem that allows us to live these magical lives." 

April founded BE PURE and Hidden Forest Naturals to offer sustainable, life giving products to the community looking for something more than a pretty face, and a perfect package. She believes offering in deep gratitude for the soil, plants, and the natural resources that give us a healthy life.

April shares her extensive background in sustainability, health and wellness, skin therapy and botanicals, combining them together to create a collection of the most effective and sustainable skin care, makes up, wellness and zero waste products that she personally loves. If she could change one thing about human consumption it would be removing every bit of plastic from ALL packaging.

She is currently manifesting a slow heirloom flower farm to grow Hidden Forest Skin Care's botanical ingredients. 

Kate Kryder

The Motivator & COO - Full of life, laughter and style, Kate keeps this nature ship moving in