The Smooth One - Reusable Razor

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Your shave elevated. Your legs, underarms, and bikini will thank The Smooth One Reusable Razor. In fact, be ready for a life long companion with this razor. It's durable, gorgeous, and unstoppable. This one razor leaves you smooth as butter and each replacement blade is a whopping $0.20 cents. Compare that to a lifetime of plastic handled razors and heads that you have to track down when it goes dull, and you are on vacay at the beach.  

Save your dollars for pretty bikinis and soft cozy loungewear. Plus your shower will be like "I look good." 


Simply put a fresh blade into the top by unscrewing the base of the razor handle and inserting the blade then replace the handle. Voila you have the best shave of your life ahead! 

Rose gold coated Stainless Steel with Stand Included