Best answer: What sunscreen do surfers use?

What sunscreen do pro surfers use?

Kokua, Thinksport, All Good, Suntegrity, Art of Sport, Manda, Raw Love, Badger, Raw Elements, Blue Lizard, Stream2Sea, Mama Kuleana, and Babo Botanicals are the best sunscreen labels for surfing and surfers. Please make sure you use them all the time.

What do surfers wear on their face?

One of the biggest sunscreen trends we’re seeing is surfers, athletes, celebs, and kids applying thick stripes of Zinka sunscreen on their faces. Think of it as colorful warrior stripes that are doing your face good too. The product contains zinc oxide to help protect against the sun’s damaging rays.

How can I protect my face from sun while surfing?

After the surf

  1. Dry off.
  2. Seek shade. …
  3. Reapply sunscreen because it has probably worn off in the water.
  4. Put on a hat (broad-brimmed ones are better than baseball caps), sunglasses and sun-protective clothing (UPF).
  5. Leave on your sun-protective rash guard or wetsuit if you are planning to have another session!

Is SPF 30 or 50 better?

A sunscreen with SPF 30 will protect you from around 96.7% of UVB rays, whereas an SPF of 50 means protection from about 98% of UVB rays. Anything beyond SPF 50 makes very little difference in terms of risk of sun damage, and no sunscreens offer 100% protection from UVB rays.

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Why do surfers use zinc?

Zinc oxide blocks both UVA and UVB rays of ultraviolet light. … Ocean Inspired Surf Zinc – An organic water resistant sunblock which protects you from harmful ultraviolet rays while you surf. It was created by a surfer girl based in Bali who surf’s everyday in tropical heat.

What do surfers put on their lips?

Surface SPF 30 Lip Balm Is great for surfing. Their special formula stays on while you are in the water, which is not always easy to find. It’s all-natural, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful ingredients for your body or the ocean.

Why do surfers have white noses?

You know zinc oxide. It’s that slimy white stuff that surfers and lifeguards have been smearing on their proboscises since Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon first hit the sand in “Beach Party.”

How do surfers protect their skin?

5 tips to protect your surfer skin

  1. 1 – A good sunscreen applied regularly. For surfers it is recommended to use a Sunblock SPF 50. …
  2. 2- Avoid surfing in the hours of intense sun. …
  3. 3- Additional equipment. …
  4. 4- Drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. …
  5. 5- Know your skin.

How do you get a tan while surfing?

Brown hands, white arms and a tide mark half way up your neck is the unique tan imprinted on most cold water surfers. You can get a wetsuit tan by simply wearing a full wetsuit in the sun, but I’d advise going in the water to keep cool.

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How do surfers avoid sunburn?

Wearing sunscreen and physical protectors while surfing is very important and knowing how to properly apply is a must in order to avoid sunburn. To work effectively, sunscreen should be applied at least 30 minutes prior to entering the water. … It is highly water resistant and non-toxic to the Kona reefs.