Can you use urea cream on face?

Can you use urea cream 40% on your face?

How I use it for my face: I mix 2-3 drops of Organic Rosehip Oil with the 40% Urea before I apply it to my freshly cleansed face. I recommend starting out with a tiny bit and mixing it with your favorite face moisturizer to see how you skin responds. Give it at least 4 days to see any kind of change.

Does urea get rid of wrinkles?

Our most successful active to date, Urea, has shown to be effective against dry skin since the launch of the first products over three decades ago.” … When used in combination with the natural moisturising factor Urea in a cream the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles was noticeably reduced.”

Is urea good for acne?

The overall tolerability of the treatment illustrated the utility of urea as a moisturizing agent. Conclusion: Benzoyl peroxide in a 10% urea vehicle gel or cream and cleanser, used once daily for 4 weeks was found to be both effective and well tolerated for the treatment of symptoms related to acne vulgaris.

What does urea do in skincare?

Benefits of Urea

When urea is applied to the skin, it is able to penetrate into the stratum corneum to further enhance water absorption. Hence, urea improves the ability of the skin to retain water, while simultaneously balancing adequate hydration.

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What are the side effects of urea?

Serious side effects of urea include: Unusual changes in the skin (e.g., blistering, peeling) Signs of skin infection.

Common side effects of urea include:

  • Local irritation (burning, itching, redness)
  • Temporary stinging.
  • Rash.

Can you use urea cream on your hands?

Do not take urea cream and ointment by mouth. Use on your skin only. Keep out of your mouth, nose, and eyes (may burn). Wash your hands before and after use.

Is urea a steroid?

What is hydrocortisone and urea topical? Hydrocortisone is a steroid. It reduces the actions of chemicals in the body that cause inflammation, redness, and swelling. Urea is a skin softener.