Frequent question: Who wrote peel me a grape?

Who wrote peal me a grape?

Who first recorded peel me a grape?


Title Performer Release date
Peel Me a Grape Nikki Price August 1962
Peel Me a Grape Lainie Kazan 1966
Peel Me a Grape Cleo Laine 1966
Peel Me a Grape Blossom Dearie 1967

Where did the phrase peel me a grape come from?

Mae West’s famous line in this film, “Beulah, peel me a grape,” was inspired by West’s pet monkey, Boogie. The monkey loved grapes, and one day West noticed that although he would eat grapes by the dozens, he would always peel the skin off each one before popping it into his mouth.

What does the term peel me a grape mean?

Phrase. peel me a grape. A request to be pampered and to have one’s whims indulged.

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