How often should I use the ordinary peel?

How long should I use the ordinary peeling solution?

Do not leave on for longer than 10 minutes. It is not recommended to use more than twice per week. Contact of the product with the skin must be of limited frequency or duration.

How many times a week should you use AHA BHA?

Once your skin is used to acid-based products, two to three times a week should be enough, although ‘it all depends on the strength of the formula,’ says Delport (some AHA products, like REN’s Ready Steady Glow tonic, are light enough for daily use).

How often should I use AHA BHA?

When it comes to AHAs, it’s crucial not to use too much, too soon. “Do not overuse an alpha-hydroxy-acid product,” confirms Bolder. “Once every other day is plenty, unless you are on a programme with an expert that says otherwise.” However, it is often safe to use BHA daily.

How often should you use a BHA exfoliant?

When you first incorporate an exfoliant into your routine, try to use it no more than two or three times per week if you have normal or a combination of dry and oily skin. Those with sensitive skin shouldn’t use exfoliants more than once or twice per week.

What should I apply after ordinary peeling solution?

What to Use After The Ordinary Peeling Solution: How to Care for Skin After The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

  1. Gentle Cleanser.
  2. Calming Toner.
  3. Hydrating Serum.
  4. Gentle Moisturizer.
  5. Sunblock or Sunscreen with High SPF.
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Can I use AHA everyday?

To reduce your risk of irritation, the Cleveland Clinic recommends using AHA products every other day. As your skin gets used to them, you can then start applying AHAs every day. … The peeling effects of highly-concentrated AHAs may make your skin more sensitive to UV rays for up to one week after use.