Is Charlotte Tilbury magic cream good for oily skin?

Is Charlotte Tilbury night cream good for oily skin?

If you are on the hunt for a product to make your skin glow, Charlotte Tilbury’s night cream is the one for you. … This does mean it isn’t the best option for those with naturally oily skin or skin prone to irritation, but it can be used in thicker quantities for a more nourishing mask.

Is Charlotte Tilbury magic cream good for dry skin?


The super luxurious formula feels like a blanket for your skin, and will work hard during the night to deliver softer-looking skin. This makes Magic Night Cream one of the top skincare essentials for dry skin, as we all know how our skin repairs as we sleep – the night cream helps along the process!

Is Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless foundation good for oily skin?

Very good for oily skin as i have ,gives very good coverage , super matte , for me i dont use too much foundation so it have a very nice coverage as i wanted to !!! in my picture i have used this foundation !!! Helpful 13 People found this helpful.

What celebrities use Charlotte Tilbury?

Known for her work with some of the biggest brands in the business, her celebrity subjects and high-fashion shoots, Charlotte Tilbury is a beauty genius.

Flawless skin, peachy lips and sparkling eyes – another Charlotte special coming right up.

  • Kylie Minogue. …
  • Blake Lively. …
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones. …
  • Emma Roberts.
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Is Charlotte Tilbury clean?

However, it’s not just the innovative science behind the products that has impressed us; not only is the Charlotte Tilbury range completely cruelty free, but many of the products, including the iconic magic foundation and light wonder foundations are in fact vegan.

Does Charlotte Tilbury magic cream have vitamin C?

Charlotte’s MAGIC SERUM contains a newly-developed form of Vitamin C which binds the ingredient to micro-particles of gold and stabilise the ingredient and help deliver its powerful benefits for brighter, even looking skin.

Can you use Charlotte Tilbury magic cream at night?

Both day and night moisturisers have magical benefits thanks to different research-powered ingredients and nourishing formulas! Make sure you use both a day and night moisturiser for 24 HOURS of MAGIC SKIN!