Is Lakme Sunscreen good for face?

Can we apply Lakme sunscreen on face?

It also doesn’t let your skin acquire a tan and neither causes skin breakouts. Moreover, it will not leave any whitish cast on the face nor does it make the skin oily. This Lakme Sun Expert Fairness Sunscreen (Cucumber Lemongrass) SPF24 PA++ is recommended for all skin types.

Does Lakme sunscreen darken skin?

Lakme says

It is a revolutionary light sunscreen. Its SPF 30 and UV filters have a unique two-way action. Not only does it protect you from all form of sun damage like tanning, sunspots and premature ageing but also lightening skin by regulating its skin-darkening pigments.

Is Lakme sunscreen good?

This Lakme product is a shield against the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Apart from sunburn and tan lines, it prevents dark spots and premature aging. It also moisturises your skin and gives you a radiant glow. Regular use of this product can lighten your skin tone.

What are the side effects of sunscreen?

Side Effects

  • Acne.
  • burning, itching, or stinging of the skin.
  • early appearance of redness or swelling of the skin.
  • late appearance of rash with or without weeping blisters that become crusted, especially in sun-exposed areas, and may extend to unexposed areas of the skin.
  • pain in hairy areas.
  • pus in the hair follicles.
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Does Lakme sunscreen clog pores?

Show your flaky skin some love with a hydration lotion like Lakme Sun Expert SPF 24 ++ UV Lotion. This power-packed formula protects of course but infused with vitamin B3, lemongrass and cucumber it moisturizes too.

Why do I look dark after applying sunscreen?

Sunscreen will cause hyperpigmentation if it has any one of these effects. If the sunscreen you wear stresses your skin (some chemical sunscreens can do this), it may cause skin darkening. Secondly, if you use sunscreen that has hormonally-active ingredients (like oxybenzone), it can cause hormonal skin darkening.