Question: How do empty bottles fruit peelings become useful?

How do old newspaper become harmful?


Little of the lignin that binds cellulose fibers together is removed. The lignin causes acids to degrade the cellulose. Papers discolor, become brittle and disintegrate.

How do old newspaper become useful?

Replace rags with old newspaper when cleaning paint brushes, removing oil stains and mopping up petrol spills. Wrapping apples in old newspaper somewhere dry will keep them from rotting. Use folded up newspaper to plug any gaps in your windows or doors and cut your heating bills.

How do fruit peeling become useful?

Using fruit peels for practical purposes can help you to reduce food waste. Orange peels can be turned into candy and a sweet syrup. Grapefruit rinds can be used to make a fiber-rich tea. Banana peels can be used to give your shoes an extra shine.

How do the materials become useful or harmful?

Answer: material become useful when it is used in limit but fan material is used in excess it is harmful for both humans and environment.

How can we make useful things from waste paper?

7Pen Stand

Collect and shape strips of newspaper into sticks. You can also use colorful paper tapes to keep them from disassembling. Use a cardboard piece as the bottom. Place the sticks together using glue or stitch them together using cotton threads.

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