What does peel stand for?

What is the Peel approach?

The PEEL paragraph method is a technique used in writing to help structure paragraphs in a way that presents a single clear and focused argument, which links back to the essay topic or thesis statement. … It allows you to create a paragraph that is easy and accessible for others to understand.

How do you write a peel paragraph?


  1. POINT. Begin your paragraph by stating your point.
  2. EXPLANATION. Give evidence to substantiate your point.
  3. EXAMPLE or EVIDENCE. Explaining in more detail about how and why your evidence supports your point.
  4. LINK. Provide a smooth link to your next paragraph and/or point.

What does peel mean in lol?

Peeling is when you do everything you can to protect your vulnerable allied carries. Instead of focusing on killing one person, you try to maximize and extend the lives of your team’s main damage dealers by keeping them away from danger, taking hits for them, and of course, being a threat yourself.

How do you use peel in history?

Consider using a PEEL structure for your paragraphs:

  1. P = Point. The first sentence of each paragraph should clearly state the point of the paragraph which in turn should be directly connected to the overall theme of the question. …
  2. E = Evidence. …
  3. E = Explain. …
  4. L = Link.
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What is peel in cooking?

A peel is a shovel-like tool used by bakers to slide loaves of bread, pizzas, pastries, and other baked goods into and out of an oven. It is usually made of wood, with a flat carrying surface (like a shovel’s blade) for holding the baked good and a handle extending from one side of that surface.

How do you answer a peel question?


  1. Add your Evidence. Now, you add your evidence. …
  2. Link back to the Point. …
  3. Now add your Explanation: …
  4. So, your point should look something like this: …
  5. Example question: How does the figurative language contribute to the meaning of the poem? …
  6. Start with your point. …
  7. Reread your question. …
  8. Annotate the Text.

What is a peel paragraph in history?

PEEL is an acronym for Point, Evidence, Explain and Link. They all are a part of the paragraph.

How do you write a peel paragraph for kids?

Paragraphs start with a topic sentence that introduces the idea for the paragraph. Explain your point, giving more information. Give one or more examples to support your point. Link back to the topic to finish off the paragraph.

What is pee in GCSE English?

PEE – point/evidence/explain. PEEL – point/evidence/explain/link to point. PEA – point/evidence/analysis. SEAL – state your point/evidence/analyse/link.

What are pee paragraphs?

PEE stands for : Point, Evidence, Explanation. Point is a specific argument that you want to make within a paragraph. Evidence is the information you provide that supports the argument, statement or claim that you have made. It could be a quote or a piece of technical data.

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How do you write Pee Para?

PEE (Point, Evidence, Explanation)

  1. Point – This should be one thing you want to say.
  2. Evidence – This should be one or more examples to back up the point you have made. …
  3. Explanation – This is where you explain and develop evidence and link back to the question.