What is the safest eye cream?

What cream is safe to use around eyes?

Products marked as hypoallergenic, like Vaseline® Jelly Original, are ideal as they’re formulated to reduce the possibility of irritation or allergic reaction. We recommend applying Vaseline® Jelly on eyelids because some regular moisturizers and creams are not always safe to use on the eye area.

How can I prevent dryness around my eyes?

Moisturize. Moisturizing products are the most effective solution to both prevent and treat dry skin around the eyes. Applying a moisturizer or eye cream regularly can help maintain smooth, soft, skin. These products can also have a soothing effect on inflamed skin.

Is Vaseline good for under eye?

Vaseline is safe and even recommended for use on dry skin. Because of its occlusive properties, Vaseline can help soothe skin that’s chafed and dry. It’s especially handy for the thin skin on your eyelids. Unlike most products, Vaseline is safe to use in the area around your eyes.

Can coconut oil be used as an eye cream?

While those monstrous dark circles are a daily concern, coconut oil as under eye cream can combat the terror of fine lines and wrinkles. This can also make skin soft and acts as a skin barrier when going about your busy life. Coconut oil helps to plump, tighten, and repair skin so you know you are in good hands.

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Is hyaluronic acid safe for eyes?

When applied into the eye: Hyaluronic acid is LIKELY SAFE when used appropriately. Hyaluronic acid can increase eye pressure when injected into the eye. But this usually resolves within 48 to 72 hours.

Can I use moisturizer as eye cream?

Are any all-over facial moisturizers safe to use as eye creams? If the moisturizer you’re using on your entire face is just made to simply moisturize the skin and protect the moisture barrier, it is totally fine to use around the eyes, Nazarian said.

Should I apply eye cream before or after moisturizer?

You’ll want to start at the top of your face and work down. Step Five: Eye cream goes on after moisturizer, which you want to pat on lightly around your orbital bone. Step Six: Make sure you also apply eye cream above your eye, too, especially if it is a lifting cream. The skin above your eye is just as delicate.