What is yellow peel treatment?

How many times yellow peel can be done?

The Yellow Peel is then applied and left to act on the skin for a period of about 12 hours. This procedure is repeated at a fixed frequency, typically every 2 weeks, up to 8 times in all.

How much does yellow peel cost?

Cost Of Chemical Peels Based On Strength

A session of superficial (light) chemical peel will cost between Rs 1,000 and Rs 5,000. A medium depth chemical peel will come for a price range between Rs 3,000 and Rs 7,000.

How do you wash your face after a yellow peel?

Wait until 12 to 24 hours after a chemical peel to wash your face. Use a gentle cleanser that contains no salicylic or alpha hydroxy acids or other harsh chemicals. A soap such as Dove Cleansing Bar or an all-natural facial cleansing cream will work best. Use your fingertips to wash your face lightly.

Why does my skin look worse after a chemical peel?

A chemical peel can cause treated skin to become darker than normal (hyperpigmentation) or lighter than normal (hypopigmentation). Hyperpigmentation is more common after superficial peels, while hypopigmentation is more common after a deep peel.

Does chemical peel hurt?

The greatest concern tends to be over chemical peel pain. While a patient may need some sort of pain control during a deep peel, light and medium peels don’t hurt. In general, light and medium peels cause some discomfort. The discomfort ranges from mild to moderate, depending on the patient’s level of tolerance.

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Which is the best yellow peel?

cosderma Yellow peel Retinol Peel Skin whitening Anti-acne Pigmen…

cosderma Yellow Peel Fairness Peel (30 ml)

Brand cosderma
Model Name Yellow Peel Fairness Peel
Quantity 30 ml
Applied For Radiance & Glow, Moisturization & Nourishment, Pigmentation Removal, Skin Brightening
Organic Type Natural

Is chemical peel safe?

A chemical peel is usually a very safe procedure when performed by a qualified and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. While very rare, infection or scarring are risks of from chemical peeling treatments.