Your question: Is Dove Intensive cream for face?

What is Dove Intensive cream used for?

Dove Intensive Nourishment Body Cream helps give you beautifully soft skin. Intensive Body Cream moisturizes and nourishes very dry skin. This skin cream is absorbed naturally without leaving any oily or greasy residue.

Which Dove cream is for the face?

Hydrate+ Face Lotion, part of the Hydrate range, is Dove Men+Care’s best face moisturizer for dry skin for everyday use. Fast-absorbing, it provides immediate hydration that lasts all day long without leaving your skin greasy or sticky.

Does Dove Intensive cream help acne?

Dove Beauty Bar is a mild, moisture-rich soap, so it can replenish the skin’s moisture. Rodney says that could help acne-prone skin, which is typically dry and dehydrated, and overproduces oil in response to the dryness, clogging pores and causing acne.

Is Dove cream good for black skin?

The super sensitive skin of black people makes it advisable for them to use Dove deep moisture body wash. And this is so because it does not irritate the skin.

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