How do you make a mole from scratch?

What types of chiles are used in mole?

7 Types of Mole

Mole poblano is a dark red-brown sauce from Puebla made with ancho chiles (dried poblano peppers) and chocolate. It is traditionally served with turkey.

What creates moles on skin?

It’s produced in cells called melanocytes. Moles are caused when cells in the skin (melanocytes) grow in clusters or clumps. Melanocytes are distributed throughout your skin and produce melanin, the natural pigment that gives your skin its color.

What is the best mole sauce brand?

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  • Dona Maria Ready to Serve Mole – 9.5 oz. …
  • Dona Maria, Mole, 8.25 oz. …
  • Frontera Foods Oaxacan Red Chile Mole Simmer Sauce, 8 Ounce — 6 per case. …
  • Victoria, Low Sodium Marinara Sauce , 24 OZ (Pack of 6) …
  • Hernan Mole Poblano, 7.2 Fluid Ounce.
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