How long will Moles live in a garden?

How long do moles stay in your garden?

Their average lifespan is three years. Apart from the breeding season, moles lead solitary lives so one animal could be responsible for the visible activity over quite a large area. Vacant tunnel systems are often re-colonised by another mole from an adjacent area.

Do garden moles go away?

No, moles won’t go into your house. They enjoy the quiet and warmth of life underground, so you won’t have to worry about them invading your home. Since they only stay in one area if there’s enough food, they won’t live in your garden forever.

Is it bad to have a mole in your garden?

Discovering moles in your yard is a “Good News, Bad News” situation: Good News: The moles are natural aerators, as their tunneling loosens soil and mixes the topside humus with the lower soil and subsoil. … Good News: The moles eat white grubs and the larvae of pest insects, which can destroy grass roots.

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