How many moles are in Fe3 PO4 2?

How many moles are in Fe3?

The electrons have so little mass compared to the rest of the atom that their masses can be ignored. So, the molar masses of Fe and of Fe³⁺ are the same: 55.845 g/mol. The mass of Fe³⁺ in 1 mol of compound depends on the formula of the compound. For example, 1 mol of Fe(NO₃)₃ contains 1 mol of Fe³⁺ ions (55.845 g).

How many moles are in 197.64 g Fe3 PO4 2?

Approximately 0.555 moles of iron(II) phosphate.

How many moles is PO4 2?

If we take each mass and divide by the molar mass, we get the number of moles. For Ca3(PO4)2 the molar mass is 310.18 grams/mole. Then, five divided by 310.18 gives 0.016 moles of Ca3(PO4)2.

How many moles of each atom are there in 33.3 moles of Fe3 PO4 2 write down the answer to one decimal?

Answer: 3 mol Fe, 2 mol P and 8 mol O in 1 mol of Fe3(PO4)2, thus in 33.3 mol of Fe3(PO4)2 you’ll have Fe ➔ 3*33.3 = 99.9 mol; P ➔ 2*33.3 = 66.6 mol; O ➔ 8*33.3 = 266 mol Why is it possible to have more moles of each atom compared to the molecule?

Is fe3 po4 2 ionic or covalent?

This molecule is an ionic compound between a metal cation and a polyatomic anion.

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