What are mole rats good for?

What is the purpose of a mole rat?

The other naked mole-rats in the colony serve as soldiers or workers. The mole-rats assigned as workers scout for food, dig the tunnels, and care for the queen’s pups. The queen of the colony is larger and longer than all the other mole-rats.

Why are naked mole-rats important?

Naked mole rats are mouse-sized rodents that have become an important animal model in biomedical research. They play a unique mammalian role in behavioral and ecophysiological research of life underground.

Can mole rats help extend life?

Living Like a Naked Mole-rat May Extend Longevity, Scientists Demonstrate. … Because, they postulate, the lower body temperature and slower metabolism could significantly extend mouse longevity, based on the observation that metabolically slow naked mole-rats live eight times longer than similar rodents.

Are mole rats aggressive?

Naked mole-rats are very gentle by nature, rarely acting aggressive towards humans.

Is it legal to have a naked mole rat as a pet?

Naked mole rats should not be kept as pets. They require a very specific diet and habitat.

Can naked mole rats chew through concrete?

Naked mole rats can chew through concrete and bite through a human hand. They spend their lives burrowing beneath the East African dirt in search of giant tubers and roots. They are fleshy and pinkish gray. They look and feel like the back of your elbow.

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How long do moles live for?