What happened to the mole?

Is The Mole ever coming back?

“The Mole” was canceled after four seasons, but returned for another season after a four year hiatus before being canceled again. This paranoiac reality program continues to amass a dedicated fandom, which has been demanding a third chance for the show for years.

How much money did The Mole win?

In 2005, any part of the $500,000 prize money that was lost by the contestants went into a separate prize kitty. If neither of the other final contestants knew the Mole’s identity, the Mole would win this money.

Why did elavia leave The Mole?

In The Next Betrayal, Elavia accepted a $50,000 bribe to leave the game in place of an elimination. This spared Dorothy, who scored the lowest on the quiz that night and would have been executed.

Did Kathryn get paid to be the mole?

Instead, she was actually paid to be conniving, deceitful and duplicitous. As the recently revealed title character on ABC’s reality game show, “The Mole,” Price was paid by producers to infiltrate the contestant pool and thwart the chances of the players to win a $1 million prize.

What did Kathryn Price get for being the mole?

Kansas University graduate uses starring role in ‘The Mole’ to launch new career. Kathryn Price is a liar. But don’t get any misconceptions � she’s not a bad person. Instead, she was actually paid to be conniving, deceitful and duplicitous.

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What did The Mole get?

Winner Dorothy Hui did not receive her cash prize until after the final episode aired in August 2002. The Mole Bill McDaniel received a separate flat compensation for his role. The show followed nearly the same format as the first season. The maximum possible pot attainable was again $1,000,000.

Did Heather from The Mole get married?

In 2009, Heather took on the role of the Director of Stella & Dot, a San-Fransisco-based company that sold its products through numerous women entrepreneurs and the use of social media marketing. Currently, she resides in Austin, Texas, and is happily married to Tim Willison.