What is a good primer for acne prone skin?

Should I wear a primer if I have acne-prone skin?

Primer helps the foundation last longer and offers a nice, smooth finish to the skin, she says, and it can be a good alternative to moisturizer for people with acne. Primer can also help to fill in large pores, which many people with acne have. Just avoid primers made with silicone, a common ingredient.

Do all primers cause acne?

Primers are a necessary evil in the standard beauty routine. They’re necessary because they lock in your base, help with oil control, and provide a smooth, crease-free finish. But sometimes, they can clog your pores — which leads to breakouts, especially when you have sensitive skin.

Which brand primer is best?

List of 10 Best Primer in India

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Does ELF primer cause breakouts?

It almost color-corrects a bit while making me feel secure in that my makeup won’t cause breakouts or discomfort for my skin. I love that they designed this product since it can be difficult to find makeup for acne-prone skin.

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