What is the mass of 5 Moles h2o?

How many moles of water are there in 5.00 mole of water?


What is the mass of 5 moles?

The mass of 1 mole of any substance is equal to that substance’s molecular weight. Thus we can say that each mole of $S{O_2} $ weighs 64 grams. Therefore the mass of 5 moles of $S{O_2} $ is 320 grams.

How many moles are in 5 grams of water?

5/18 moles for 5 grams of water.

How many water molecules are in 5.2 moles water?

There are therefore 6.02 × 1023 water molecules in a mole of water molecules.

What is the mass in gram of 5 gram molecular mass of h20?

∴ 5 gram-moleular mass of water = 18 g x 5 = 90 g.

How do you find the moles of H2O?

One mole of H2 O is made up of 2 moles of Hydrogen atoms and 1 mole of Oxygen atom. Mass of two moles of Hydrogen atoms = 2x 1 g/mol = 2 g/mol. Mass of one mole of water = 2 g/mol + 16 g/mol = 18 g/mol.

Which is the molar mass of H2O quizlet?

The molar mass of H2O is 18.01 g/mol. The molar mass of O2 is 32.00 g/mol.

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How many moles of water are in 360 grams of water?

(ii) From point, 1 mole of water = molar mass of water =18g 20 moles of water = 18 g x 20 = 360g (iv) From point, 6.022 x 1023 molecules of water = 1 mole = 18g of water 1.2044 x 1025 molecules of water Therefore, points (ii) and (iv) represent 360 g of water.