What is the mole ratio of water to h3po4?

What is the mole ratio of P4O10 to H3PO4?

mass relationships. 1 molecule of P4O10 + 6 molecules of H2O form 4 molecules of H3PO4. mol of unknown. the periodic table.

What is the mole ratio of H2O to h2so4?

One mole of sulfuric acid produces one mole of sodium sulfate (1:1 ratio) and two moles of water (1:2 ratio).

What is the mole ratio of H2O to h3po?

What coefficient should be used to make the following equation balanced? Q. In the equation 2 Al2O3 → 4 Al + 3 O2, what is the mole ratio of aluminum to oxygen? Q.

What is the mole mole ratio fe2o3?


How do you calculate mole ratio?

Find the ratio or the moles of each element by dividing the number of moles of each by the smallest number of moles. There are fewer moles of oxygen than any other element, so we will assume one mole of oxygen to establish the ratios.

What is the mole ratio of Na to NaOH?

Notice that you have a 1:1 mole ratio between sodium hydroxide, NaOH , and acetic acid, CH3COOH .

What is the mole ratio between NaOH and Na?

According to the correctly balanced equation, the stoichiometric ratio of NaOH to Na2(SO3)3 is 6:3 or 2:1. So, you are correct, it is 6 moles NaOH to 3 moles of Na2(SO3)3.

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