Who is the mole Htgawm?

Who is the anonymous source in Htgawm?

Annalise and Bonnie discover that the anonymous source that was ready to testify against Annalise was likely Hannah Keating, someone with ample motive to destroy Annalise.

Why did Pollock killed Asher?

Murders Committed

Part of Asher’s deal was to get a recording of the remaining members of the Keating 5. … Pollock knew the poker would have Michaela Pratt’s and Connor Walsh’s fingerprints on it, so she framed them for Asher’s murder so they’d be forced to take a deal and testify against Annalise Keating.

Is Asher The Mole?

Annalise reveals to Bonnie and Frank that Nate likely betrayed her, and Frank is ready to put Nate in a body bag right then and there. … But when she knocked furiously on Bonnie’s door, Bonnie didn’t answer, because she’d gone to Annalise’s apartment to let her know that Asher was the mole.

Why did Connor Walsh go to jail?

Connor subsequently expresses remorse for his life of lying and deceit and after Laurel reveals their perjury on the stand, Connor decides to go to prison and stop lying. Connor files for divorce from Oliver, feeling that he is only causing Oliver harm and turning him into a bad person.

Who killed Wes Gibbons?

Wes died in Season 3 of the show when Dominick (Nicholas Gonzalez) killed him on the orders of Laurel’s (Karla Souza) father.

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Does Michaela and Connor go jail?

Michaela initially lies that she and Connor got the same deal — which puts them both in jail for five years — but after Laurel’s game-changing testimony, she reveals the truth. She also negotiated probation with no jail time, leaving Connor as the lone student who will go behind bars.

Did Asher gain weight?

Yes Asher did put on some pounds but absolutely love Matt Mc so much. I like how much of a social activist he is and he is genuine with it.

Did Laurel know who killed Wes?

Jorge visits Laurel to tell her that Antares is going public, leading Laurel to realize that he had Wes killed because Antares’ reputation would have been damaged had Wes confessed about Sam and Rebecca’s murders.