Your question: What is the mass of 2 5 moles of o2?

What is the mass of 2.5 moles?

Answer: Cl2 contains two Cl atom so molar mass will be 35 . 5 x2 that is 71 GRAM means 0ne mole of Cl2 has 71 gram so 2.5 mol will be equal to 2.5×71. Gram.

What is mass of 1.5 moles of O2?

Atomic mass of oxygen = 16 Mass of 1 mole of Oxygen molecule = 16 * 2 = 32 (Because, 1 molecule of oxygen has 2 oxygen atoms; Diatomic) So, Mass of 1.5 moles of Oxygen molecule = 1.5 * 32 = 48 gm.

How many moles of oxygen atoms are present in 2.0 grams of oxygen gas O2?

How many moles of oxygen atoms are present in 2.0 g of oxygen O2? 1 mole of O2= 2 moles of O. So Moles of oxygen = 2 x 0.0625=0.13 moles of O.

Is oxygen O2 or just O?

The difference between oxygen (O) and oxygen (O2 )is that the former is an oxygen atom while the latter consists of two O atoms bound together, forming a molecule also called oxygen. Oxygen is usually found as a diatomic gas. Therefore, we write it as O2.

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How do you find the mass of O2?

O2 is a diatomic molecule. The mass of an oxygen atom = 16 amu. ∴ Mass of O2 molecule = 2 × 16 = 32 amu.

What is the mass of 1.5 mole?

The relation between number of moles and mass is the number of moles is equal to given mass upon molar mass. Formula used: $n=dfrac{m}{M}$ where, n is number of moles, m is mass, M is molecular mass. m = 66 g. Hence the mass of 1.5 moles of $C{{O}_{2}}$ is 66 g.

How many atoms are in 1.5 moles of O2?

Explanation: In the given formula, there is one carbon atom and there are two oxygen atoms. So, in total there are three atoms.

What is the mass of 0.5 gram atom of oxygen?

Mass of 0.5gram atom of oxygen is 8gm

How many molecules are in 2 moles of O2?

According to the concept, 1 mole contains 6.023 ×10^23 particles. So, 2moles of O2 contains 2× 6.023×10^23 molecule= 12.046 ×10^23 molecule .