Your question: What is the number of moles in 42 g of NaCl?


What is the number of moles in NaCl?

One mol of NaCl (6.02 x1023 formulas) has a mass of 58.44 g.

How do you find moles from grams of NaCl?

To convert between grams and moles, you would use the substance’s molar mass. To go from grams to moles, divide the grams by the molar mass. 600 g58.443 g/mol = 10.27 mol of NaCl.

How many moles and grams are in NaCl?

So, the molar mass of NaCl = 35.5 gmol−1 +23 gmol−1= 58.5 gmol−1. Now, we have to use the following formula to calculate the number of moles of NaCl. The mass of NaCl is given as 20g. So, the number of moles of NaCl present in 20 g of NaCl is 0.342 mol.

How do I calculate moles?

So in order to calculate the number of moles of any substance present in the sample, we simply divide the given weight of the substance by its molar mass. Where ‘n’ is the number of moles, ‘m’ is the given mass and ‘M’ is the molar mass.

What is the mole formula?

Avogadro’s number is a very important relationship to remember: 1 mole = 6.022×1023 6.022 × 10 23 atoms, molecules, protons, etc. To convert from moles to atoms, multiply the molar amount by Avogadro’s number. To convert from atoms to moles, divide the atom amount by Avogadro’s number (or multiply by its reciprocal).

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How many moles are there in 45g of Cl2?

= >0.6⋅mol Cl2 gas.

How many moles of salt are in 13.8 g of sodium chloride?

There are 0.236 moles in 13.8 g of sodium chloride.

What is the mass of 10.5 moles of h2o?

Number of moles=Mass/Molecular Mass. n=m/M. 10=m/18. Therefore,Mass of 10 moles of water =10×18=180 g.